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IT Project Management

IT Project Management is a process that emphasise on handling information with the help of software and hardware. YouFirst Computech has a proven record in IT project management. Our IT Project Management knowledge base is helping us to carry out project with the most efficient result and in most cost effective manner. YouFirst Computech develops and delivers tools to its clients to manage the information relevant to their business process in most cost effective way. We have successfully manage IT Projects for

  • IT Project Consulting
  • Designing hardware architecture for a computer platform
  • Programming computer software
  • Programming information capturing from public websites
  • Programming customised Project Management software
  • Programming application automation tools
  • YouFirst Computech has capability to develop and deliver SaaS IT project. We work with clients to define

  • Realistic project goals
  • Accurate estimatimation of needed resources
  • Clearly defining system requirements
  • The success of our IT Project Management is attained through

  • Proper reporting of the project's status
  • By maintaining continuous communication among customers, developers, and users
  • By following clearly defined development practices