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Carat Solution

Carat Solution is developed for YC Diamonds, this is a back office application required for integration with the website or to be run as stand alone application can be divided into the various modules:

Main Features

  • Inventory Module
  • Sales Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Accounting Module
    • a)General Ledger
    • b) Customer Accounting
    • c) Bank or cash Transactions
    • d) Vendor Accounting
  • Diamond Inventory Module
  • CRM Module
  • Inventory Module

  • Easily track inventory
  • Reconcile physical inventory with system inventory
  • Create a well classified feature driven inventory of products
  • Create and maintain Receipt, Issue, Transfer and Physical Inventory entry
  • Integrated with Sales and Purchase modules
  • Track complete life cycle of an item, right from its receipt till sales
  • Enter physical inventory, update stock and process adjustment data with our highly prolific software
  • Retrieve memo stock and stock-in-hand separately with its stock reporting feature
  • Assign unique identification number to each item to ensure every item is in place
  • Build intelligence through analytical reports like Backdated Stock report, Activity report, Transfer report etc.
  • Sales Module

    Sales module manages order placement, shipping and invoicing. It enables retailer to sell goods on cash or credit. It helps in keeping the up-to-date status of each sales order. Sales module is tightly integrated with Account modules and provides latest customer outstanding.

  • Create and maintain order, invoice, and credit invoice to the customers
  • Analyze Individual as well as collective order trends/performance of your stores
  • Open order report by customer and item wise
  • Analyze orders by specified period, customers and items
  • Integrated with Accounts, General Ledger, Inventory modules
  • Helps in order tracking, analyzing order information by customer, style, ship date, open order and order status, etc.
  • Generates analytical reports like: sales analysis by customer, item, and accounting period
  • Purchase Module

    This enables retailer to fulfill the demands raised in sales by procuring required. It is tightly integrated with the Inventory Module thus helps in keeping the inventory to the optimum level.

  • Maintain purchase orders, invoices, and credit invoices to the vendors
  • Supports multiple store
  • Purchase Order can be generated on customer order.
  • Integrated with Accounts, General Ledger and Inventory modules
  • Track orders and memos by analyzing order information by vendor, item, shipping date, open order and order status
  • Generates analytical reports like: purchase analysis by vendor, item, and accounting period
  • Diamond Inventory Module

    Diamond Inventory module keeps track of the receipts and issues of diamonds and stones. It is integrated throughout the sales and purchase flow. The module allows categorizing and grouping diamonds and stones on the basis of common attributes. This helps in efficiently managing the inventory. This module helps in minimizing inventory cost and optimizing inventory levels by alerting the users on reorder levels. Inventory reports can be used to find out details of receipts, issues, transfer entries and adjustments made.

  • Create and maintain receipt, issue, transfer and physical inventory entry
  • Diamond inventory by lot number as well as by quality, clarity and shape
  • Supports Certified diamond management
  • Inventory classification-what is owned and what is in hand.
  • Integrate with Sales, Purchase and Accounting modules
  • Enter physical inventory, compare with system inventory, process adjustment data and update stock.
  • Generate stock-in-hand reports.
  • Accounting Module

    Retail Accounting module embeds Customer, Vendor's accounting and General Ledger. Financial management is a crucial function of the business. Our system equips retailer with accounting stats for management decisions.

  • Separate accounting for Customer, Vendor, Bank, and General Ledger
  • General Ledger - detail as well as summary posting
  • Backdated receivable and payable aging report
  • Advance can be received and applied later
  • Payment to vendor or check from customer is handled easily
  • Void check, Check printing, and Bank reconciliation functionality
  • User defined accounting year and accounting period
  • View the consolidated or individual store accounting
  • Customer Accounting

  • Create and maintain invoices, receipts, and credit invoices to the customers
  • Integrated with the Sales Order and Invoicing, General Ledger and Bank Sub-Modules
  • Enter receipts against invoices or as an advance. The advance receipts can be applied to corresponding invoices at any time in future
  • Print customer statements with all the transactions(even if they are open) in various formats
  • Generate customer aging reports in various formats with defined aging periods
  • Vendor Accounting

  • Create advance payments before an invoice is raised
  • Protect posted transactions from alteration to ensure highest levels of data security
  • Flexible reporting system and authorized rights to print registers, Aging Analysis, Vendor statements for one or many accounting periods and for individual or selected stores
  • Jewel Retail's payment system supports standard payment methods like issuing of checks
  • Retrieve customized reports to have a precise position of amounts due facilitating good health of the business
  • General Ledger

  • Create and maintain journal entries
  • Integrate with Customers Accounts, Vendor Accounts, Bank Transactions and Sales & Purchase
  • Post data from all other modules online
  • Prepare income statements and balance sheets in customized formats
  • Bank Transactions

  • Create & record payments, deposits and bank transfers
  • Integrate with the Customer Accounts, Vendor Accounts, and General Ledger modules
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Print Checks in customized formats
  • CRM Module

    This retail software will have a specially tailored CRM Module that enables retailers to manage customer relations efficiently. It provides complete information on customer and activities performed for effective customer interactions. Its vast option and features allows to create opportunity, tasks, follow up and many more. The CRM also allows you to generate marketing campaign depending on the new inclusion of jewelry or product awareness with the contacts and provides detailed analysis to keep a track of all the activities performed and is purely result driven.

  • Setup accounts, contacts and follow leads
  • Record various activities with your customers
  • Schedule follow up tasks and setup meetings with the customer
  • Get reminders for follow-up calls
  • Manage opportunities and tasks for the customer